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First date outfit men

Have you ever come across an article jam-packed with stunning first date summer outfit ideas for men? Then, this post is a great head-turner.


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Some women love a man in a suit, while others go crazy for a guy in grey sweatpants—but neither of these are probably things you want to or should wear to grab a coffee on a first date.

28+ casual first date summer outfit ideas for him

Or maybe a black fitted t-shirt, and a pair of well-fitting blue jeans. Either way, I think you can guess that I like guys in something simple and fitted—and I think most women would agree. But if your style is normally simple, now is not the time to try to be the male Lady Gaga.


If a t-shirt feels too basic, try a Henley or a raglan-sleeve tee. First date outfit men, keep in mind that fit is everything.

Choosing the best first date outfit for men

Invest in first date outfit men and pants that really fit you well. Ever wonder why celebrities look so good even in basic outfits?


She may not have a preference, but it could also reassure you that your decision to wear your favorite vintage jean jacket is a good decision. As a woman, let me tell you: we appreciate these things! If you feel weird bringing up fashion with your latest Bumble match, see if you can ask a female friend for her opinion on your go-to first date outfits.

Like I mentioned above, some women love to play stylist, especially when so many guys seem a little challenged in the wardrobe department.


I recently went on a first date with a guy who wore a Citizen Cope t-shirt and a leather jacket. While it was a totally fine date, the most memorable part about it was his t-shirt and me wondering if I should comment on it or not.


Of course, if it was a band I loved, I would have. But I only know a few Citizen Cope songs, and something about it sort of made me feel like he was trying too hard or something. As I mentioned above, you do not need 20 great first date outfits.


You need one or two, maybe five max. And, you can always buy the same first date outfit in different colors. At the end of the day, you want to be yourself, but the best version of yourself at least for a first date. The version that shows up to brunch with your grandma, not the version that wakes up in pizza-stained sweatpants on a Sunday morning.


I hope these tips for choosing a great first date outfit for men can help boost your confidence, enjoy great first dates and many more second dates! Ashley Uzer is a freelance writer who specializes in sex and dating.

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