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O n 4 Octobera young black woman named Henrietta Lacks died of cervical cancer in Baltimore's Johns Hopkins hospital.

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There's some talk below about what role race played in Henrietta Lacks' treatment. Here's the author on Fresh Air :. And this is one of the interesting things, it's sort of an important point in the history of Henrietta Lacks.

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Rebecca: How do you feel? Jad: Oh, sure. Jad: It does it in the strangest way. Writing with a novelist's artistry, a biologist's expertise, and the zeal of an investigative reporter, Skloot tells a truly astonishing story of racism and poverty, science and conscience, spirituality and family driven by a galvanizing inquiry into the sanctity of the body and the very nature of the life force. You made a path in the mighty waters, you cause the mountains to skip like rams and the little hill like lambs.

our Mailing List. Kristi says:. Mary: She's lying out there. Live TV may vary by subscription and location.

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Sadie: Henri was a beautiful girl. It also tells you when an episode is dropping.

Please call your local branch to reserve this title for your club. Jad:Virginia. Henrietta's family did not learn of her "immortality" until more than twenty years after her death, when scientists investigating HeLa began using her husband and children in research without informed consent.

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Plot Summary. Out the door. Topics Women in Science. Added to Watchlist. Matt: You know. Deborah: Fine. Edit. Over time, for-profit cell culture labs sprung up, mass-producing HeLa cells and other cell lines in order to more efficiently supply research labs. Gladys: SHe complained of pain, spitted the alcohol injection last week.

Jad: Meanwhile, the woman who had spawned all these cells died. There's'52, schools are being closed, kids are being kept inside. Once I got that--once I understood that African-Americans have historically been this country's great unwashed--stories like this are almost predictable. Jad: She's sitting with Henrietta's youngest daughter, Deborah. Crazy Credits. Rebecca: Yes, I know. Now, they had a way of making polio. Mary Kubicek: My name is Mary. Annie: Classic. Ballet Now Meanwhile, Henrietta underwent treatment for her cervical cancer but succumbed to the disease, leaving behind her five children and husband.

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Skloot remained in contact with Deborah as she wrote the book and promised to share the final manuscript before it went to press. Rebecca: She was broken out in hives and she was telling him all the stuff that she had recently learned.

I just don't know. Jad: Four. Robert: What did they do? Science journalist Skloot makes a remarkable debut with this multilayered story about "faith, science, journalism, and grace. She, like many other black women, could not afford to pay hospital bills. My name is so and so. Deborah made Skloot promise to share all of her research and help her understand what happened to her mother. Jad: Rebecca says they doubled in size- Rebecca: -every 24 hours. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Rebecca: And he started preaching.

Howard: No, I really don't.

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Anyway, our newsletter has cool stuff in it like staff picks. I had heard about the Lacks family and chose the book because it looked like an easy read.

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By submitting your information, you're agreeing to receive communications from New York Public Radio in accordance with our Terms of Use. The head of gynecology at Johns Hopkins Hospital, who was studying cervical cancer at the time, had asked the head of tissue culture, George Gey, to develop a culture of both healthy and cancerous surgical cell tissue.

Alternate Versions. Deborah: How much of her cells is out there? Select Your Plan No hidden fees, equipment rentals, or installation appointments. Plot Keywords.

Honoring henrietta lacks: her impact and our outreach

Sonny Lacks. Rebecca: He held her head in his hands. For example the "talk to the men" theme is made a big deal of in the beginning. Mary: Oh, because it was chipped because you know that she hadn't been able to take care of her nails for a long time if they got chipped like that.

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It was the first time that a human cell line had survived outside the body. Jad: At least 6'5", judging from the picture. The answer is still unclear. Rebecca: They grew a lot. up to receive the top stories you need to know right now.

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Rebecca: I had been trying to talk her down and he was trying to talk her down. It's certainly possible to say that her treatment at the hospital "was standard practice.

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I am also using the Tuskegee syphilis experiment as an example of how science became shaped by racial beliefs instead of scientific fact and allowed researchers involved in the Tuskegee experiment to view their patients as inhuman.

Genetics counseling in the genomic era Patients and physicians rely on genetics counselors to understand the avalanche of new genetic tests and help them make smart medical decisions about what the tests reveal. Rebecca: Officially, she died of uremia, which is a toxicity of the blood because she wasn't able to get rid of the toxic waste that usually goes out in your urine.

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Stars: S. Stuff we're into. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Rebecca: This didn't look like a normal tumor. Speaker 5: A potent vaccine to prevent the dreaded disease. Matt: That woman, this guy. Baby Deborah Chelsea Ferrell I'm a producer at Radiolab and I wanted to talk about this thing we do at Radiolab because I like it.

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George Otto Gay, the head researcher at Johns Hopkins for cell growth. Accuracy and availability may vary. Matt: The article about the guy who ate 17 burritos. Rebecca: This very deep red.

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Nevertheless, numerous groups — including the American Civil Liberties Union — say that in many cases companies are too eager to establish ownership of patent rights on discoveries made from donated tissue samples. Rebecca: This was in the midst of the polio epidemic.

Gay had been trying for decades to find ways to keep human tumour cells alive in test tubes so that he and other researchers could use them to uncover the causes of cancer and various illnesses. Part of the book's American success is undoubtedly due to the skilful handling of Henrietta's story.


Keep up-to-date on Rebecca's next book. Whoopi Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley. Henrietta walked two miles to the deated black school until the sixth grade, when she had to drop out to support the family. Jad: Wow. If you don't get the confirmation within 10 minutes, please check your spam folder. It's never been clear to me that the Tuskegee experiments were performed strictly because the farmers were black.

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Rebecca: Yes, it is. And though the cells had launched a multimillion-dollar industry that sells human biological materials, her family never saw any of the profits. Forthcoming Book Keep up-to-date on Rebecca's next book. Jad: Problem was anytime they tried to grow human cells in a dish, they would die. Deborah: I was only 15 months old and I don't remember anything about my mother.