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Can be found in the PlayNSA. Park Policy: Every NSA Complex has their own Park rules and these rules will have to be abided by or offenders of the rules will be eliminated from the tournament and could also receive a one 1 year suspension from NSA play. Pay Online: This is the only service offered for teams wishing to pay by card and it must be done online.


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You can pick where you'd like to play! All teams must be registered

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Log in. Register Log in. How to choose? Thread starter mfun Start date Aug 27, Aug 1, 6 1. Can one of the old pros around here give a little guidance? My daughter's 14U team has a new coaching staff this year, and I offered to help with the administrative end of things, including selecting tournaments. Our team is solidly C maybe low-B. Our old coach believed in always playing up and avoided C level competition altogether. We played almost exclusively in open events stacked with A and B teams, which as you can imagine didn't always go terribly well.

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While we don't want to shy away from competition, we also want the girls get a fair shake and have more fun. What is good, what to avoid?


They have a pretty website, but I can't decide if they are a real sanction? Anyone have any suggestions on how to choose events to play in? For the past few years, we always played in the same tournaments, against the same teams and we indiana nsa message board to maybe mix it up a little. We are in Northwest Indiana, if anyone has any specific recommendations. Thanks in advance! Strike2 Allergic to BS. Nov 14, 1, Interesting question.


I'm not sure any one person has experience with all of these, or if it would even be possible to choose unless you were ready for some substantial travel. Most teams register for sanctions where it's geographically feasible to play. USSSA is probably the most ubiquitous, and the tournaments are generally well run and reasonable in cost.


Their rules allow roster batting during pool and up to 11 in bracket play. You'll find lots of "average" teams at these tournaments, and often some good ones choosing to play local that weekend. The supporting website technology is probably the best in terms of usability and visibility on other teams. Roster batting is usually offered in pool, but you can only bat 9 in any qualifier or championship tournament. I don't have any direct experience with PGF, but I believe that most here will contend that it's at the top of the heap right now in terms of the highest quality "nationals" play.

PGF appears more expensive generally than the others.

Discussion: nsa world championships-julyaug. 1st

The rest of them I've seen some new ones try to gain a foothold where I live, but it doesn't work out well. If you're a "solid C", then play some "C" tournaments.


I don't indiana nsa message board coaches who want to do nothing other than get their teams hammered week after week. Play some "C", have some success, and then play up on occasion. We don't play in "B" tournaments, but we don't avoid "B" teams playing in "A" or open tournaments. Occasionally, we try our hand with the best competition we can find. If we play reasonably well, we're competitive.

If we don't play well, it can get ugly.

League schedule

The point is that we're not looking to get our butts kicked every weekend. It's demoralizing AND expensive!

Last edited: Aug 27, Thanks - I appreciate the thoughtful response. I do notice that USSSA and NSA seem to be the prominent sanctions here, and they are both easy to play pretty locally, along with a few hotel stays for the bigger events. Oct 2, 3, Florida. Regional differences indiana nsa message board sanctions are very high so while I have been involved in all those sanctioning bodies in my area, in yours it could be very different levels of play or how they are run. In my opinion, it is the people running the tournaments - the local Tournament Directors and State Directors that will probably determine where you play most of your games.

When they are good, the sanctioned tournaments in their areas are good.

The player's association

Getting to know them and their reputation is worth your time. Night and day. Orange Socks. Dec 2, 1, Texas. At that age division, I would look at where everyone else is playing.


I imagine there are usually 2 tourneys offered each weekend in any given area. Look at the competition that you feel is a good fit. Apr 20, In northwest Indiana stay far far away from pgf if you are a 14u C team. This is where the top level teams play both from the local area and from the surrounding if its a Bandits event or national qualifier.

Triple crown has a qualifier that PGF teams play. You're probably better off looking at who is ed up for what and who you think you can hang with than picking a sanction. Rick M. Jul 14, We played almost exclusively in open events stacked with A and B teams Orange Socks said:.

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Feb 3, The TD's who pays good and gets great umpire's are always the tournaments we want to play. Umpiring is usually better in USA tournaments in my opinion. Thanks all for the advice! Very helpful.

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