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Looking for a girl group

Hello I am looking for talent singers between to be in a pop girl group. The group will have professional Vocal and dance training online, You can apply from anywhere in UK, The group will be debuting inLabel interest for the future, This is an exciting project for the right people.


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Every girl group has a few essential ingredients: personality, a few decent hits, some distinct voices, and that all-important X-factor. But, while the ingredients matterwhat about volume? To put it simply: how many girls should be in a girl group? Though definitely not the most popular form of girl group by far, there are enough two-member girl groups with enough bops to make a case for. For example, Tegan and Sara are queer, identical twin sisters.

Years: I'm 24 years old

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Girl group looking to strike it ‘rich’

Project Type :. Budget : Terms. Pitching Period : 7 days.


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Description Videos. One of our Korean clients is look for the next big hit song for their girl group. They were one of the first groups to bring the tropical house style to the Korean Industry check out Don't Believe reference track. They're looking for the next big thing and entwining a new genre style into Korea. We're thinking Trap, Dancehall and Futurebass as they're currently picking up in popularity across Asia so we'd love to hear that style but we're putting it to you to do some digging, get creative and put forward your own ideas.

How many members is ideal for a girl group?

Looking for a girl group envision having the Music Gateway community working together on ideas creatively to come up with the sound they're looking for. I'm not even convinced they know what they're looking for it's so open but I'm confident that we can get this right!

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Brandy (you're a fine girl)

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Looking for girl group members

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