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Online dating scams accra ghana

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A good friend of mine told me he was talking to a British 33 year old woman living in Accra Ghana with whom he met through and online dating site. She fell in love with him and her parents called him and told him that she wants to come visit him in America because she loves him. He asked me to find her a ticket but he didn't do so and suddenly she bought a ticket and showed him. I looked up he ticket which didn't have flight s but had correct flight arrivals the bar codes on the ticket looked exactly like the bar codes on a ticket that I found as a fraud online. He was excited for her to come but 10 hours later she text hime to say she was detained in Mexico because she smuggled her gold bars through illegally and needs to pay a fine so she can come into the US with those gold bars.

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Thank you.

In short the immigration service was not involved and took it very personally that they were used in the scam. The police man ased to protect me from the others is now one of my best friends and thought enough of me after all the crap I brought to their door step to introduce me to a woman that is a cousin of his wifes and we are now dating.

What I should have done in the first place is go to Ghana on vacation and let it be known I was interested in a girlfriend and the whole country would have offered me their sisters. It would have been cheaper. As it is I know all of the immigration officers and all of the police at the airport police station and there are no dishonest immigration officials or dishonest police investigators. The arrested man had bought a car with my money and the reduced his sentince if he ed it over to me and I agreed after the uncle pleaded with me to show mercy.


They released the man and is currently being watched to see if he will lead them to the rest of the gang and this the Ghana FBI is sure that there are others involved and experince has taught them its Nigerian men they have open borders and they cant keep them out of Ghana. I was told that at least 2 men getting off every plane that lands is being scamed.


Go there it a great place to visit and a good place to invest in there future growth their economy is growing fast and there are good realestate investments, there are many honest business people there that are willing to help you from being ripped off. What a story. I am glad online dating scams accra ghana it somehow had a happy-ish ending for you. It certainly could have been worse, I think. I've been touting off about dating scams on this website for a long time, and was upset when they shut down the forum for being "inappropriate. That is a frightening statistic about 2 men on each and every planebut likely it is higher than that.

Overseas romance scams rising

If he is a US citizen, he doesn't need a visa to get back to US. He is lying. Thanks for this info! I have been targeted many times on Black Planet by women who claim they want to chat and after a few minutes they begin telling you that they love It is a big game to fleece the men who surf dating sites and other social networks!

Men Beware!

A con man steals one woman's heart — and $, here's how it happened.

I am sort of going along with the flow Glad to hear that your antennae is up on the Aussie chick. Why don't you string her along for a while and keep her busy -- the longer she thinks she's got you "hooked" the less chance she'll pull in some poor, uninformed, misguided sucker, er, soul.

Just tonight I was almost scammed by a "Rubben Dellings" - rubb. I was suspicious from the start but every objection I raised he seemed to surmount. I could find nothing indicating he was a scammer on the internet. He posed as a native of Germany which was an excellent cover for his poor grammar.

He seemed in such a big hurry to build an attachment that I nicknamed him "Monsieur Lu-uhve" when I spoke of him to my friends, but eventually I became convinced that he truly cared for me.


That is, until this "international contractor" damaged his laptop and needed me to send him an HP Pavilion dv The PO Box he gave me to send it to is one for that looks like a list of contractors for a ministry:. He named "Solomon Nutakor" as his supposed assistant, and had given me the phone in hopes of getting my phone from me. I called him while we were online chatting and he said, "u calling," so for some reason he gave the correct phone. I give you these details to alert you, if you are in contact.

In our internet communications, I sometimes got the impression he'd forgotten what he'd told me.

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Looking back, I can see some lessons to be shared. Here are some s that you are talking to a scammer:. Don't excuse their poor command of the English language; assume that, at best, they are not able to communicate well enough with you for them to get to know you or for you to get to know them or that, at worst, they are scammers. Either way, not a good candidate for a meaningful relationship. Don't bother online dating scams accra ghana them on their exaggerated or hurried exclamations of love, they'll just repeat them until you believe them.

Any human being, if they hear something repeated enough, begins to believe it's true. You don't need to be looking back asking yourself how you, a smart person, could be so dumb. One scammer from months ago whom I had the good fortune to avoid because at that point I believed internet chatting was for sneaky people had his identity verified by the dating service to brand him as legitimate. How that happened, I don't know. I did, and he said it was because he'd already met the love of his life yes, me and he didn't need it anymore.


Someone else has probably already complained. I was once contacted by a man who claimed to be a contractor from the states working for a few months in Nigeria.

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He says his name Is Micheal Christopher and said his wife died 5 years earlier in an automobile accident and that he was left to raise his 10 year old daughter on his own. He has multiple s on mysapce, myyearbook, facebook and hoverspot. As my own husband had been killed in an auto accident 6 months earlier I was leary and began to ask questions of him.


His story was just too much like my own. I gave him my yahoo ID so we could chat but no other personal info. One night he contacted me asking about me This time I gave him false info, changed my name, age, of children, state I lived in, etc and found out he was a scam artist.

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This time he told me he was divorced form his wife. I tols him he was a liar and told him not to contact me again. He said ok.


I have since met a nice, honest, sincere man in Ghana. He has not asked for any money or gifts. He talks to me on my webcam. He sends me gifts to my po box. And one day I am going to go there on vacation. I am taking a friend along so that I will not be alone and vulnerable to a potential scam artist. So although there are creeps and online dating scams accra ghana artists out there I think you can find true, honest people as well.

Romance scams

Good luck to those of you looking to make new friends. Just be careful.


Ask a lot of questions and trust your gut instincts. Don't give out your personal info.

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And if something seems fishy it probably is. You can find new friends and have fun too.


Just be safe and smart about it. She says we need a marrage certifacit in order for her to go thru immagrations here in the states. Browse all 2, Ghana topics ». Watch this Topic. Browse forums All Browse by destination.

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